The Atlanta Journal-Constitution JOBS: Shop Talk Sunday, June 6, 1999

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When a strike shut down Major League Baseball, Jamie Weems had to
find new business to replace the Braves tailgate parties she catered.

Why I love my job

By Jamie Weems
Owner, Tailgaters Inc., events planning & catering company.

WHAT I DO: I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I party for a living. We cater and plan company events and parties. Anything from company picnics, carnival days, pre-game tailgate parties prior to the Braves game, luaus. Our slogan is "Blue Jeans to Black Tie." And it really is that way. It could be a wedding one weekend and back to the Braves game the next. One thing that makes us unique is that you either have companies that just cater or companies that are just event planners. We're a one stop shop. The business started in 1993.

THE BEST PART OF MY JOB:You're always in an upbeat party atmosphere where you're surrounded by people having fun. And that's contagious.

BIGGEST BREAK: It was a negative that turned into a positive. We used to only do tailgate parties pretty much down at the Braves game. Then baseball went on strike and that forced us to really diversify into all the other areas that I mentioned.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Coordinating all the details for a large gathering.

WHAT KEEPS ME GOING: The people make the party. Each party is different. It's something to look forward to. It's never the same. After each party, I always want to top what we've done before. Also, knowing the business is mine helps a lot.

Tailgaters, Inc. "Blue Jeans to Black Tie", corporate events, company picnics, pre-game tailgate parties,
neighborhood block parties, carnival days, luau's, weddings... where ever there is a party, we can take care
of ALL the details. Call Now to reserve a party 770.428.4753


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